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Circle of security: parenting series

     PRESENTED BY: Nathalie Scott, MSW, RCSW
     WHEN: Mondays, October 21-November 18, 2019 (except Nov. 11th) 10-11:30AM
     COST: $150 for 4 group meetings
     FOR: Parents and primary caregivers of children between age 1 and 6 years
     WHERE:  Peace Portal Alliance Church, Room L03,
     Childminding available: $5 per child/Family Rate $10
     Please register by October 11, 2019 by calling Lynn at 604-542-2501

At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you. The Circle of Security Parenting program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Through teaching, reflective dialogue and short video observations you can learn to:

  • Understand your child's emotional world by learning to read the emotional needs
  • Build your observational skills to read and respond sensitively to your child's cues
  • Support your child's ability to successfully manage emotions
  • Enhance the development of your child's self esteem
  • Honour your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure

The Heart of Parenting

Society is constantly changing. With these changes our parenting has become more challenging. From a developmental attachment based approach, Susie addresses how to cultivate and preserve powerful parent-child connections. By understanding our connection and our children from inside out, Susie restores our parental intuition and puts the parents back into their rightful place. The foundation of this deep relationship sets up the secure base from which children are able to be resilient and thrive in this tumultuous world. This insightful approach makes sense of our children and allows us to be the compassionate parents they need.

Raising Compassionate and Caring Children

Society is constantly changing.  Our parenting has become more challenging with these changes.  Our desire to have our children reach their potential is still there but the task is more daunting.  The 5 R’s to Raising Children: Relationship, Rest, Resilience, Responsibility and Room.  It is through the 5 R’s that parents are able to build meaningful connections and create the conditions that allow their children to grow to their full potential.  Susie’s approach is insightful and provides an opportunity to make sense of our children.

Five Languages of Love:  Through the Eyes of Your Child

We all give and receive love in different ways.  Sometimes when we don’t understand the way another person receives love our loving gesture can be missed.  Based on the book Five Languages of Love, this presentation provides insight into the ways our children give and receive love.

Five Habits of Highly Effective Families

All families have their ups and downs.  How is it that some families are able to get through the challenging times and become stronger?  Strong families don’t happen overnight.  Building a family with healthy relationships takes energy, vision, strengths-based leadership and a communication framework.  Finding time to reflect and learn can assist the development of healthy families.  This interactive workshop provides information and creates time to work through the five habits:  Listening to Understand, Emotional Health, Family Mission/Vision/Values, Non-Violent Communication and Quality Time.

The Five Pillars to a Thriving Marriage

Marriage is one of life's most significant journeys. Cultivating and maintaining a meaningful spousal relationship takes time, energy and work. Exploring your relationship and issues within the relationship is an ongoing, lifelong process. Within this interactive presentation, you will learn about the five pillars to a thriving marriage: nurturing the friendship in marriage, being heard and seen, learning how to manage conflict constructively, finding ways to make each other's dreams come true and creating a shared meaning.


Developing meaningful and deep connections at work and home need healthy boundaries.  Without boundaries our lives can be chaotic.  Boundaries were created to keep us safe and define where we begin and where we end.  We have barriers that can make creating boundaries challenging.  Chaos breeds where boundaries are absent.  Personal boundaries are an important piece of being in relationship with others. What are the keys to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries?  Are there barriers people face when trying to create boundaries?   What can we do when people cross our boundary?  How do we know when our boundary is crossed?  This interactive presentation addresses these questions and allows people to explore and deepening their understanding of their own boundaries.

Mental Health

Professionals use the terms mental health and mental illness often and yet some people are unaware of their differences.  Everyone has some level of mental health throughout his or her life, which is similar to our physical health.  On the other hand, it is possible to be without a mental illness.  Someone can be mentally healthy with a mental illness and some can have poor mental health without a mental illness.  Some mental health issues and/or mental illness can significantly impair one’s ability to sleep, exercise, and eat or behave. This workshop outlines the differences between these terms and the various types of mental illnesses with which people struggle.  Additionally, the workshop discusses strategies we can use to move ourselves toward a “healthy mind”.


Parenting can be an amazing journey filled with challenges, adventures and magical moments.  Within this parenting journey there is a responsibility and pressure parents face as one of the most significant relationships in our child’s life.  Parenting requires us to understand our children and adolescents from the inside out.  It is through the lens of our children and adolescents that we are able to make sense of them. This presentation addresses how to create restful minds, opportunities for hearts to soften, stay in right relationship and build attachment villages for our children and adolescents to grow and blossom.  

Healthy Relationships

Research has proven that lives are enhanced and people live longer when they have healthy friendships and relationships in their lives. Providing ourselves with the necessary skills to foster and maintain healthy relationships is essential for their well being. This workshop discusses the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, some roadblocks we may face and strategies to manage unhealthy relationships in our lives.  

Enhancing your Mother-Daughter Relationship

The Mother-Daughter Relationship is one of the most important relationships in a tween's life. It is essential we take time to listen to each other and understand through the eyes of our tween. This is a fun workshop that allows us to spend time listening to each other and being heard. Additionally, it is a time to build and enhance this significant relationship.

Strength Finders

Research has shown that when companies focus on people's strengths, the workplace is more productive and a happier workplace. Based on the book Strength Finders by Tom Rath, this workshop is for any company or workplace that wants to build a community of strengths. From 34 common talent themes, an assessment identifies one's top five talent themes. The talent themes are one's natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving. When these talent themes are enhanced with knowledge and time spent developing, they become strengths. With this strength-based development plan in place, there is a community of common language that creates a positive and productive environment.