About Us Mission, Vision, Values
About Us

Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to provide counselling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and senior adults from diverse backgrounds and varying socio-economic contexts.  

We are privileged to walk alongside our clients as they navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life.  In the midst of their present circumstances and challenges, we provide support to our clients with care and compassion.  It is through our strong, relational connection that clients become empowered to move ahead in healthy and resilient ways.


As an experienced and well-rounded team of Registered Clinical Counsellors and Psychologist, we serve our greater community through counselling as our clients grow.



We provide a non judgmental and confidential environment in which clients can engage the messiness of life with curiosity, perspective and creativity.

Meaningful Connection

We create a safe space where clients are seen and heard.  We recognize the courage to engage in this connection.

Healthy Wholeness

We empower our clients to achieve holistic health; emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational.

Championing Strengths

As one’s strengths, talents and hopes are uncovered and celebrated, clients are inspired and encouraged to live out change.