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Addictions and Substance Abuse

Addictions and Substance Abuse are terms used for people who regularly use alcohol or drugs and are periodically and chronically intoxicated. The alcohol or drugs can negatively impact people’s lives yet some are unaware that their behaviour is out of control. With addictions there is a psychological dependency. When people are psychologically dependent they cannot stop using or even think about stopping. Voluntarily ceasing or modifying substance use is challenging. Additionally, there can be a physical dependence on the substance. 

Physical dependence occurs when the body needs the substance in order to function normally. At times, this physical dependence can cause a strong craving withdrawal to the substance, causing people to obtain substances by almost any means with determination. 

Are you struggling with drug use or substance abuse? Is a friend or family member struggling? Research has shown that counselling can positively impact people struggling with addictions and substance abuse. One of our professional Registered Clinical Counsellors can help.