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Linda Saucy


Lindasenior therapist

*Currently not accepting new Clients.

Linda Saucy works collaboratively with clients to gain insight into their own internal strengths, resources, and patterns of functioning. She believes that when you learn to appreciate yourself, you experience others and the world around you more positively. Linda is known for her warm and non-judgmental nature allowing clients to feel safe throughout the process.

Drawing on her life experience, Linda knows the importance of empowering people. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, she understands the dynamic of marital, parental, and family relationships. Linda draws on her training in Emotional Focused Therapy, Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy, and Gordon Neufeld’s Attachment.

When working with those who are impacted by trauma, Linda uses EMDR to process and disarm the emotional disturbance, replacing harmful patterns of belief with healthier ways to live in the world.

Linda is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a certified Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a member in good standing with the BCACC.