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Julia Eckert


Julia EkkertJulia Eckert holds a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Trinity Western University. She considers it a privilege to companion individuals on their life journey, attentively listening to the narratives that have shaped their present circumstances. Julia is passionate about unraveling the inner core beliefs developed amidst life's complexities and stories, recognizing their impact on our choices and future.In her practice, Julia firmly believes that individuals possess the resilience to navigate through their challenges; sometimes, all they need are practical tools and a supportive space. Witnessing the transformation of hurting individuals into healed and restored beings brings her immense joy. Julia is dedicated to fostering a safe, non-judgmental environment conducive to genuine connection.Specializing in counseling for adults, young adults, and high school youth, Julia addresses a spectrum of issues, including depression, anxiety, life transitions, ADHD, OCD, and addictions. Her commitment lies in providing compassionate guidance and support for individuals navigating the intricacies of life.